Yummy Yoga Restorative Mini-Retreat

Saturday, August 10th

Yummy Yoga is a deeply calming and nurturing practice that combines restorative (supported) and gentle yoga, self-massage techniques, mudra, conscious breathing, and hands-on healing to facilitate deep relaxation and well-being on all levels. This practice is open to all levels of experience and is particularly effective for reducing stress and bringing the body into balance.

Musician Perry Smith will be accompanying us with live soothing music designed to take you deeper into the experience.

This workshop is coupled with The Breath of the Drum Workshop from 2:00-2:45pm. Experience a mindfulness practice rooted in exploring our common rhythms and how we communicate through deeper listening. Contact Heather for registration details.

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Pregnant Couples Labor + Birth Workshop

Saturday, May 4th
$125 per couple

Heather Till (yoga instructor) and Nicole Havelka (birth doula) will lead this afternoon workshop to help better prepare you and your birthing partner for an easeful labor and a peaceful birth.

This hands-on workshop provides an opportunity for couples to enhance awareness and confidence in pregnancy, labor and birth. It has been well researched that a sense of calm and confidence ease the birthing process, reduce pain and increase the joy of giving birth.

Couples will learn:

  • To be well-informed of the natural stages of labor and how to navigate their own unique birth journey

  • Breath-work, vocal toning, and relaxation techniques

  • Partner yoga postures to strengthen and open the body for labor and birth

  • Labor positions that tap into your body’s wisdom and align with gravity to ease your body’s work

  • Birth affirmations and mantras for positive mind shift

This is a wonderful course for first time parents and also as a refresher for experienced parents.

Roll + Release yoga with squishy balls and soft foot rollers

Roll + Release

Saturday, March 30th

Yoga with squishy balls and soft foot rollers

The ultimate self massage! In this fun and feel good workshop, we explore using inflatable balls and soft foot rollers to support the body,  soften and hydrate connective tissue and gently "unstick" areas of tension and pain. This creates a dynamic sensory experience, increases blood flow, nourishes the nervous system, awakens a deeper sense of core integrity, enlivens an awareness of curiosity and play, and is wonderfully calming and grounding.